For a Lifetime, Starts Here.

Selecting the right school is an important and personal decision. You’re looking for a place where you’ll be challenged, inspired, and respected. We’re searching for students who are engaged, active, and compassionate. At Oxbridge, you’ll discover unmatched opportunities, passionate educators, and the skills you need to succeed… for a lifetime.

Our admission criteria is designed with the goal of selecting students who will thrive in our classrooms, on our stages, on our fields, and in our community. We invite you to discover what makes Oxbridge different. Request information, come to an open house, submit your application, and schedule a tour. Your journey to a lifetime of success starts here!

The Typical Oxbridge Student

Many potential students and parents ask what the typical Oxbridge student looks like. The answer is there is no typical Oxbridge student. Our classes are made up of students with interests and skills as varied as their backgrounds. We look for students who will be challenged and fulfilled at Oxbridge.

It’s not just about getting good grades, although we typically select students with a 3.0 or higher GPA. We also want students with strong work ethic, dependable character, the ability to articulate ideas, and a desire to contribute to the Oxbridge community.

We carefully evaluate each student who applies to Oxbridge. We study the teacher recommendations, meet each student, and review the testing results and transcript before making a decision. These tools help us determine if Oxbridge is the right fit for the student and ensure future success on our campus.

Admissions Facts & Figures

  • Oxbridge receives more than 400 applications for an average of 150 admission spots each year
  • More than 25% of Oxbridge students are students of color
  • More than 30% of Oxbridge students receive financial aid
  • Oxbridge students travel from 28 different towns and locations up to 40 miles away