Media Relations


The Athletic Media Relations Office at Oxbridge Academy serves as the intermediary between the academy’s 23 varsity athletic programs and the local and national media. In doing so, the office strives to enhance the publicity and showcase the accomplishments of all Oxbridge student-athletes on the field, in the classroom and within the surrounding community. Any player interviews need to be approved in advance by the Athletic Department and then the Head Coach.


To provide the best possible media coverage of Oxbridge athletics - including the department's student-athletes, coaching staffs and administration - by facilitating the requests launched by various print, television, radio and electronic media members. The Athletic Media Relations Department also provides an expanding range of services to meet the ever-growing needs of the media covering Thunderwolves athletics and the fans of Oxbridge athletics. Our department is centered around timely results, reporting and assisting other information-seeking organizations and individuals. Additionally, the department serves as the chief public division of Oxbridge Athletics, upholding image as a top priority in its handlings with media, fans and other individuals wishing to learn more about Oxbridge Athletics and its members.

Interview Policies


Game Day Interviews

Post-game interviews can take place at Oxbridge Stadium after the Head Coach has met with the team. The Head Coach will also be available to meet with reporters inside the Oxbridge Athletic Office after the game. All Oxbridge player interviews will also take place there once the coaches are finished. Any player interviews need to be approved in advance by the Athletic Department and/or the Head Coach.

Mid-Week Interviews

Interviews with Oxbridge players and coaches will only take place on Tuesday through Thursday (unless Thursday is a game-day) during a game week. All interviews should be arranged through the Oxbridge Athletic Media Relations office by contacting Patrick Hollern (561-252-9230 or

All Other Sports

Game Day Interviews

No interviews are conducted on the day of games. Post-game interviews for Oxbridge players take place in the Oxbridge locker room or on the field following a brief "cooling-off" period and once the Head Coach has met with the team.

Interviews with opposing players should be arranged through the visiting school's Head Coach.

In-Season Interview Policy

All requests for Oxbridge player or coach interviews must be made through the Oxbridge Athletic Media Relations Office. Please provide at least 24 hours notice for all interview requests and be aware that the student-athlete's academic obligations will always take precedence. Interviews may also be done in person following practice. Since practice times vary, please contact Patrick Hollern for an updated schedule. On game days, no interviews will be granted prior to competition.

Reminder: Media members are not permitted to contact student-athletes during school hours at any time.

Game Credentials

Credentials are only issued to accredited members of the working media. Admission will be granted to media members holding a credential for the sporting event taking place. Spouses, children and guests are not permitted in the press box or on the sidelines. Work space in the press box is limited and passes will be issued on a first-come, first-serve basis. Requests for credentials should be directed to the Oxbridge Athletic Media Relations Office at least 24 hours prior to each game.

Photographer Information


Credentials for the sideline photographers will be issued on the basis of circulation, with priority granted to agencies covering the participating schools on a regular basis.

All photographers must contact the Oxbridge Athletic Media Relations Office to be issued Field Passes. Field Passes can be picked up at the main entrance to Oxbridge Stadium, where names will appear on a list.

Photographers are not permitted inside the 30-yard lines and must remain outside the restraining lines surrounding the field.

All Other Sports

Anyone wishing to gain permission to photograph a sporting event must contact the Oxbridge Athletic Media Relations office at least 24 hours in advance of the event in order to obtain the proper credential for the event.

Wi-Fi Policy

Wi-Fi is available on the campus of Oxbridge Academy. Please contact the Oxbridge Athletic Media Relations Office for information regarding usage.