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Welcome to the Oxbridge Academy Health and Wellness Blog. Several times a month, our experienced staff of healthcare professionals will write educational posts that cover a wide variety of topics. Topics will include concussions, exertional heat illness, injury prevention, nutrition, fitness and various aspects of healthy living. Throughout the year, we will also showcase student writing that correlates to a health and wellness related topic they are researching in class. This month we are featuring the work of Dr. Jennifer Bird’s students, focusing on the topic of teen dating violence. As always, we are here to answer any questions you may have. If you have a question or wish to learn more about a specific topic, please email Kelly Prisco, DPT ( and the Health and Wellness staff will structure a post just for you.
Dr. Kelly Prisco, Director of Health & Wellness

Health and Wellness

Cambridge Trip - March 2017

Oxbridge Academy and Cambridge University are pleased to announce the fourth year of the Oxbridge Cambridge Scholars program for juniors. Cambridge University, founded in 1208 and acclaimed as one of the greatest universities in the world, has partnered with Oxbridge to offer a two-week interdisciplinary program of study at the university in Cambridge, England. Students will work with Cambridge University faculty and Oxbridge advisors and chaperones in a two-week interdisciplinary program of study on the role of literature, rhetoric, and persuasion during periods of social change in British history. This year’s chaperones are David Childree, Amy Jurskis, and Greta Mills.

Students will depart March 17 and return April 1. They will be housed in college housing at Cambridge and will also participate in day excursions to London, Ely, and Stratford upon Avon, where they will attend a production of William Shakespeare’s Antony And Cleopatra at the Royal Shakespeare Company.

The following students were invited to participate in the Oxbridge-Cambridge program after a competitive application process that involved an independent research project related to the program’s theme.

Patricia Bigos, Miranda Boodheshwar, Alyson Brusie, Kaitlyn Campbell, Martina Cavard, Nickolas Chen, Alexa Kazak, Robbie Linck, Jack Maloney, Faith Maniti, Morgan McClure, Max McGould, Tara O’Brian, Brian Reinhart, Aaron Simons, and Emily Winkler.

Cambridge Trip

China Trip - March 2017

On Saturday, March 11, 12 students, and two chaperones will leave for a two-week immersion in the history, language, and culture of China. Landing in Beijing after traveling 16 hours by air this great experience takes off on land. Though the students have spent four Saturday mornings practicing common phrases, relaxing with Tai Chi, and reading key historic snippets of 5,000 years of this civilization, surprises and awe await them each morning. In Beijing, the students will visit an Hutong neighborhood, the Great Wall, the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square, both Olympic Games' Bird’s Nest and Cube, and the Temple of Heaven. Visits to experience schools in the country while based in Beijing, allow students to spend time in a high school classroom in Tianjin and tour a Foreign Affairs school that focuses on hospitality, finance, and tourism. On Day 7 it is on to Xi’an by overnight train. Xi’an is the home of the Terra Cotta warriors and one of the oldest mosques in China, The Great Mosque built in 742 C.E. Day 10 moves the group by air to the brightly lit representative of modern China, Shanghai. No time for rest here either. A course in calligraphy awaits, along with a chance to make dumplings (yum). The beautiful Yuyuan Gardens, some shopping and a visit to the Venice of China, Zhou Zhuang will conclude the wonderfully active 12 days. Rest awaits on that loooong flight home with arrival on March 23rd.

Oxbridges' representatives to China are chaperones Connie Li and Abraham Garrido and students are Shayna Benardo, Michael Berube, Sarah Bowlby, Brendon Corry, Andrew Johnson, Brendan Outlaw, Jack Piazza, Adam Shilling, Asia Smith, Zach Rubin, Maddie Weber and Natalie Zoller. This is an Independent Study Course and part of the grade is supported by the reflective blogs that follow. Please enjoy, vicariously, a trip to China…

China Trip

Costa Rica

Dr. Thornton and Mr. E'Egidio took 13 students to Costa Rica during spring break. They worked at the Ecology Project International Education Centre, Tirimbina Rainforest Research Station and the Pacuare Biological Reserve.

Costa Rica Trip