National Honor Society

Criteria for NHS Membership

1. Scholarship: Students who are currently in their sophomore or junior year and who have attained a 3.70 unweighted cumulative GPA (9th grade to the present) will be invited to apply to the NHS.

2. Service: Two service projects at the school or in the community (including interscholastic sports) of any duration (1 day or longer). Signed letters of recommendation from an adult from two of the service organizations is required and must be returned in a SEALED envelope.

3.Leadership: The applicant must currently be involved in at least two extracurricular activities (either in or outside of school). In addition, the applicant must also serve in at least one leadership role in the community, religious organization or in the school. A signed letter of recommendation from an adult from one of the leadership or extracurricular organizations is required. It must be returned in a SEALED envelope.

4.Character: The applicant must request three letters of recommendation, one of which MUST be from a teacher at Oxbridge, who can speak on your character. It must be returned in a SEALED envelope.


End of February: Applicants with a cumulative unweighted GPA of 3.70 as of the end of the first semester will be contacted and invited to apply.

March 10, 2017: Completed applications, including letters of recommendation, must be returned to the NHS inbox in Mrs. Viggiano's room (Room 115) no later than 4:00 p.m. Applications and letters of recommendation can be handed in at any time and do not have to be turned in all at once.

End of March: Notification of status will be sent out to students.

April 19, 2017: NHS Induction Ceremony (time TBD)

Sheri Viggiano, National Honor Society co-Advisor

Benjamin Matzen, National Honor Society co-Advisor

Class of 2018 & 2019

Please be aware of the following procedure that Oxbridge Academy will use to determine selection into our chapter of the National Honor Society. This procedure is a matter of public record and will be released to the public upon request. The procedure used at Oxbridge Academy reflects the recommendations of the National Association of Secondary School Principals, which is the governing body of the National Honor Society.

Should the Faculty Council determine that a change in procedure is in order, they shall write out the procedural change with the NHS Advisor’s agreement and forward it to the Head of School. If he/she agrees with the recommended change, it shall be implemented.

The selection procedure is set forth below and must be published.

Selections for membership in the National Honor Society (NHS) are made by a five-member Faculty Council appointed by the Head of School. The criteria for membership are: Scholarship, Service, Leadership and Character. Information about prospective members is gathered primarily from the NHS application and letters of recommendation. Information about the applicant’s qualifications in each area may also be provided to the Faculty Council by activity advisors, coaches, classroom teachers, administrators, and the student applicant. After careful consideration of the candidates in all respects, the Faculty Council will report its final decisions to the NHS advisor.

Applications for the Oxbridge Academy Chapter of the National Honor Society are due March 10, 2017.