Campus Updates


Charting a Transformative Course


Founded in 2011 by William I. Koch, Oxbridge Academy has been a beacon of innovative education, emphasizing experiential learning, creativity, and inclusivity. Mr. Koch's vision fostered a culture of kindness and academic excellence, ensuring accessibility regardless of economic background. Under his leadership, Oxbridge Academy has thrived, boasting remarkable student and faculty achievements, institutional growth, and expanded academic, athletic, and artistic offerings. Looking ahead, Oxbridge Academy is committed to evolving in the educational landscape, initiating a strategic plan focused on empowering individuals, fostering growth, and meeting evolving student and community needs.

The following is the Foundations for the Future Strategic Plan 2024-2029, the blueprint that will strengthen the legacy of our graduates, build upon the successes of our current students, and provide the roadmap for future generations.

I’m so proud of the work we’ve done so far, making Oxbridge Academy one of the best schools in the region, state, and country. This is just the beginning!”


Mission, Vision, and Values

Refreshed mission, vision, and value statements are the cornerstone of this transformative journey, reaffirming Oxbridge Academy’s core principles and setting the institution’s course into the next decade and beyond.



How Will We Get There?

Oxbridge Academy will prioritize four key areas to remain at the forefront of educational innovation and solidify our school’s commitment to excellence, stewardship, and sustainability while upholding our renowned educational standards.







For 13 years, Oxbridge Academy has served as the premier educational institution for thousands of dedicated and talented students and faculty. This Plan strengthens the legacy of our graduates and provides the roadmap for future generations.