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William I. Koch, Founder

The founder and CEO of Oxbow Carbon graduated from Culver Military Academy in Indiana before receiving his bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees in chemical engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Mr. Koch’s father had been given the opportunity to attend MIT 40 years before his son, thanks to the generosity of a local businessman. In a certain sense, Oxbridge Academy and its groundbreaking need-based financial aid program is Mr. Koch’s way of repaying that act of kindness.

In Mr. Koch’s view, providing students with the type of life-defining educational experience Oxbridge Academy offers not only benefits young people and their families, it also presents an extraordinary opportunity to advance our communities – on both a local and global scale.

My father grew up in a small town in east Texas. His family didn’t have much, but what my dad lacked in financial resources, he made up for in intellectual curiosity. Eight decades ago, a local Texas businessman reached out and helped send my father to engineering school at Massachusetts Institute of Technology where his curiosity blossomed. My grandparents could never have afforded MIT. But the education that my father received there helped him develop the skills needed to create an economical method of turning oil into gasoline.William I. Koch, Founder