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Learning Support

Path to Success

Oxbridge understands that the path to success is different for every student and is rarely a straight journey. Recognizing that students learn differently, our Learning Support team is available to any student and is utilized by many. We assist students during class, study halls, and after school, providing the extra help that an individual may need to grasp a concept, solve a problem, or improve his or her depth of learning.

Learning Lab

The Learning Lab (room B14) is a resource center designed to empower students to create their own optimal opportunities for academic success. Studies have shown that metacognition, or thinking about how we think, can help students become more efficient, more successful, and less stressed, with long-lasting effects. True to the Oxbridge culture, this room is designed to be a collaborative, hands-on experience where students will learn, practice, and assess their individual strengths and weaknesses and a wide range of learning strategies. From "walk-ins" to regularly scheduled study times, all students, staff, and faculty are encouraged to be a part of the metacognitive experience.

If possible, students, parents and teachers should send an email in advance to Paul Rave at; however, drop-ins are still welcome. The lab is opened from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily.

Late Start Wednesdays

At Oxbridge, everything is carefully planned to help students achieve success. From the timing of classroom breaks to the development of the lunch menu, nothing is left to chance. It was with student success in mind, that we implemented a weekly late start day giving students an extra 90 minutes of time in their week to rest, study, or meet with classmates.