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Learning Support

The Path to Success

Oxbridge understands that the path to success is different for every student and is rarely a straight journey. Recognizing that all students learn differently, our Learning Support team is available to any student and is utilized by many. We assist students during class, study halls, and after school, providing the extra help that an individual may need to grasp a concept, solve a problem, or improve his or her depth and breadth of learning.

Click here to view the schedules of the 2016-2017 Learning Support Team and their availability for assisting students.

Technology in the Classroom

Methods of research, communication, organization, and development are constantly changing. To prepare students for life beyond high school, they must be familiar with the most advanced technological tools. Project-based learning is an effective way to integrate technology into the curriculum and tuition at Oxbridge includes a MacBrook Pro equipped with the latest Apple technology.

Teachers incorporate Adobe Creative Suite in many classroom projects. Students will receive hands-on software training and individualized technology support. Students will demonstrate their work using computers and the Internet, as well as interactive whiteboards, digital cameras, video cameras, associated editing equipment, and specialty software.

Late Start Wednesdays

At Oxbridge, everything is carefully planned to help students achieve success. From the timing of classroom breaks to the development of the lunch menu, nothing is left to chance. It was with student success in mind, that we implemented a weekly late start day giving students an extra 90 minutes of time in their week to rest, study, or meet with classmates.