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Oxbridge Academy Middle School


About Oxbridge Middle

Oxbridge Middle opened in the fall of 2021 offering 7th and 8th grade classes; in August 2023, it will add a 6th grade, enabling a broader constituency of students to receive an exceptional private school education. As a student at Oxbridge Middle, we can begin to nurture students earlier, better instill Oxbridge values, and cultivate curious minds through instruction, exploration, and experiential learning experiences.  Additionally, we can build a stronger academic foundation, encourage critical thinking, develop world citizens, and foster future leaders who are prepared for success in the upper school and beyond. 

Meeting The World Boldly

Expanding Oxbridge’s commitment to a world-class education students attending Oxbridge Middle receive the same renowned academic experiences, are encouraged to create clubs, and participate in community outreach, becoming fully integrated into the school’s culture of kindness. Students can try out for select athletic teams based on interest and enrollment and enjoy Oxbridge Academy’s gourmet dining services and state-of-the-art health and wellness programs.


Oxbridge Middle utilizes age-appropriate teaching methodologies and the upper school's vast resources to provide a unique educational experience. English and history are taught as an interdisciplinary unit in the daily Humanities course, enabling students to learn how people throughout history responded to events happening in their world, including the creation of art and literature. Combined with lessons in civics, philosophy, geography, and more, the Humanities class offers a 360° perspective that students can't get in a stand-alone history or language arts course. Unit-based science offerings take advantage of access to our chemistry, physics, and biology labs and South Florida’s outdoor resources. Math classes aligned with upper school courses allow students working above their grade to challenge themselves with higher-level coursework. Coupled with elective offerings, interdisciplinary projects, experiential learning, and field trips our academic programs teach students to realize what is possible and how connections are made. A robust advisory program and character education provide the foundation of academia and student life.




Advisory Curriculum

Oxbridge Advisory is a place students can call home. At each grade level, students will experience an age-appropriate balance of physical activity, leadership curriculum, study skills, and social and emotional guidance. This is where faculty advisors get to know students holistically and act as the first point of contact for parents.



Clubs & Activities

Clubs and activities are where our mission has the opportunity to really shine! Entirely student created, every year the club offerings reflect the interests of the students. Student clubs such as The Gardening Club have been a favorite while new clubs like The Robotics Club show that letting students take the reins in some areas can be beneficial to all of those involved.





Middle School Athletics

Oxbridge offers state-of-the-art facilities and competitive teams. Depending on the sport, middle schoolers can try out for a middle school, JV, or varsity team (not all levels are available for all sports). Our middle school students have found success in sports from basketball to equestrian and sailing! In fact, middle schoolers have been key players on the varsity girls’ softball, cross country, track & field teams, and the boys’ tennis team.



The Oxbridge Academy admission team is available to answer your questions and help you through our streamlined application process. Contact a team member at or 561-972-9826..

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