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Signature Programs

Our students have the opportunity to dive deep into select interest areas through Oxbridge Signature Programs. These experiences ignite students’ passions, strengthen their skills, and ultimately, provide a valuable learning experience that elevates their preparation for college and business situations.

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Oxbridge students have an unprecedented opportunity to explore the aviation and aeronautics industries through elective courses, extra-curricular clubs and a full-motion Redbird MCX Flight Simulator. With a nationwide decline in pilots, this program gives students the foundation in aviation they need to assess the industry as a career path, build their resumes, gain training hours, and improve confidence. The curriculum combines math, science, geography, government, and economics coursework; industry expert lecturers; field trips; and a partnership with SunQuest Aviation where students can receive discounted rates on flight training.

Cambridge Scholars

The Oxbridge Academy-Cambridge University Scholar Program provides students with an immersive educational experience that includes a two-week stay at Cambridge University. Each year 15 students who demonstrate academic excellence and exceptional work ethic are selected through a competitive process. Students spend the semester at home preparing for the trip by reading and researching that year’s topic. During spring break the students travel to Cambridge where they participate in lectures and discussions, visit landmarks, write a college-level paper, and defend their essays before Cambridge professors.

The Cambridge connection deepened in 2017 when we began sending Oxbridge teachers to study with the Institute for Continuing Education summer program. These faculty members take classes in their subject areas—history, literature and performance, and science—and bring back with them a body of experiences that informs their work with Oxbridge students. Learning new pedagogical approaches and new content, teachers report enhanced proficiency as instructors and a new respect for what it means to be a student who is asked to read extensively and write about complex content. 

In 2017 and 2018, a Cambridge professor visited the Oxbridge campus for a one to two- week residency during which the teacher worked with our students on complex texts. Visiting a variety of classes and sharing her expertise with our students, the professor was enthusiastic about the readiness of our students for their work with her. A second professor, after concluding her work with Oxbridge students, wrote me to say how privileged she felt to work with our outstanding young scholars, noting that their curiosity and commitment to insightful analysis surpassed many of her undergraduates at Cambridge.

Past participants have raved about the experience, calling it a once in a lifetime opportunity and an exceptional learning experience. True to the culture of Oxbridge, the program is designed to provide the structure and material while allowing students the flexibility to find their unique passion and voice.

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This is one of the premier programs at Oxbridge, completely unique in its structure, and providing our students with an extraordinary experience at one of the greatest and oldest universities in the world. John Klemme, English Teacher and Former Oxbridge Academic Dean & Head of School

Independent Research

Perhaps one of the biggest initiatives differentiating Oxbridge is the focus and opportunity to explore individual research. In classrooms throughout our campus, students are diving into various topics of interest in science, humanities, mathematics and English. Under the guidance of their teacher, students are tasked with complete responsibility for the project from beginning to end. Students must call and schedule appointments with outside experts; they collect, tally, and interpret their data; and they develop their conclusions.

To date, nearly 100 students have conducted an independent research project. Oxbridge students have led 41 completed and ongoing research projects in collaboration with Scripps Florida, Max Planck, Ecology Project International, Florida Oceanographic Society, and many more. These students point to their research work as a skill they will carry with them through college and into their professional careers

Writing & Reading Center

The Writing and Reading Center (WRC) is a student-centered program in which students tutor students. Our goal is to improve and celebrate all aspects of literacy and communication across the curriculum. We encourage students to seek assistance on any writing or reading assignment at any level and at any point in the creation process. Our center believes in writing, thinking and reading as a creative and multi-step process, and through academic discourse, we encourage students to work, reflect and grow as effective and confident communicators. Click HERE to learn more about our Writing and Reading Center.

Math Center

The Math Center at Oxbridge opened in the fall of 2016, and has become an integral part of the academic culture at Oxbridge, providing support at all levels. Last year, over 85% of our student population visited the Math Center. Students come for homework help, one-on-one instruction, small group work sessions, and more. While we provide a wide range of support, many students come to the Math Center because of its welcoming and focused environment, and we have several students who serve as peer tutors.
The Math Center is open every school day from 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Oxbridge students are able to drop in during a study hall, lunch, or before and after school: no appointment is needed.

Novel Writing

Each year, Oxbridge freshman are challenged to write a 30,000-word novel during the month of November as part of the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) initiative. Students who participate in the project learn much more than how to write strong sentences and compelling storylines. They also improve their communication skills and learn how to manage their time to tackle an extended project. To date, 77 students have published their novels.