Campus Updates


Path to Discovery

Learning is dynamic at Oxbridge. Our academic program is designed to encourage inquiry, collaboration, and healthy discussion. Our style of teaching encourages students to be active participants in their education. Our teachers inspire a love of learning.



Our curriculum of more than 170 courses focuses on students' academic needs while preparing them for an interconnected and evolving world. 

Advanced Curriculum

Oxbridge has developed its own Honors Seminar courses in core subjects that are equivalent to or go beyond the Advanced Placement® (AP®) curriculum. Oxbridge does not offer any Advanced Placement courses. Honors Seminar courses in any academic discipline are our most rigorous courses offered and are generally only available to juniors and seniors.




Signature Programs

Oxbridge's signature programs include Artificial Intelligence, Aviation, and the Cambridge Scholars Program. These programs provide unique opportunities for students to prepare for their academic future.

Math & Writing Centers

Our academic centers are designed to help every student succeed. Staffed by math teachers, the Math Center is open every day.

College Counseling

Our college counseling department offers a four-year approach to successfully prepare for and navigate the college admissions process. Each student is assigned a college counselor to guide them during their high school career.