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Math Center

We believe all students can learn mathematics. It is our mission to create an environment that provides all students with the tools and guidance necessary to succeed in math with confidence. 

Who We Are

The Math Center is staffed by certified math teachers, learning support professionals, and peer tutors, who love the beauty and structure of mathematics.

What to Expect

The Math Center is a place for learning, practicing, reinforcing, and studying mathematics in a safe and welcoming environment. Our goal is to support students in their understanding and mastery of math, as well as help each student to develop as a learner.

Peer Tutoring Program

Our peer tutoring program helps peer tutors develop and strengthen their tutoring skills. Students who wish to become peer tutors should contact the Math Center at for an application.

Tutors in the Math Center Can:
  • Provide instructions and examples to refresh basic or prerequisite skills
  • Review concepts and help clarify assignments
  • Help students understand concepts presented in class
  • Provide additional examples and practice problems
  • Help students understand how to use the textbook and other materials
  • Help students develop effective strategies and study skills

Tutors in the Math Center WILL NOT

  • Guarantee that student work is error-free or will earn a particular grade; student work is the student’s responsibility to complete and check.
  • Teach new material covered in a missed class; students should review the material on their own and use the Math Center as a resource.
  • Assist students with take-home tests or other assessments.

Using the Math Center

  • Students may utilize the Math Center before or after school, during lunch, or during study hall, once they have checked into their study hall class.
  • All students must sign in and out of the math center at the sign-in station. An email is sent to the study hall proctors verifying arrival and departure.
  • Students are expected to work quietly at a table, and they will be assisted by the next available tutor. 
  • We encourage students taking the same subject to work in small groups and request assistance as needed.
  • Students may take test retakes or missed exams due to an absence in the Math Center.

Location & Hours

The Math Center is located in the main building, room 212, behind the Writing and Reading Center. 

Monday - Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.