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Mural Competition

Oxbridge Academy is thrilled to announce a brand-new collaborative Mural Project, in partnership with Miami-based artist Xavier Cortada, coming to the walls of the academic courtyard in 2018! Mr. Cortada’s works of printmaking and installation art are centered on themes of climate change awareness. His unique eco-art is often made in collaboration with scientists around the world. On February 15, Mr. Cortada gave an artist talk to combined art and sciences classes and delivered a call to submit mural designs on the theme of Florida is Nature. We encourage all Oxbridge students to consider submitting a mural design. The deadline is March 8.

Mural Submission Overview

Theme: Florida is Nature. The goal is to create a thoughtful design that celebrates the natural beauty of Florida, perhaps taken from a uniquely science-based perspective. We encourage you to visit Mr. Cortada’s website and to learn more about his ongoing Florida is Nature project. All Oxbridge students may upload their original mural designs and artist statement using the submission form link above for a chance for their design to be chosen as the basis for the new Oxbridge Mural.

Mural Design Winner: Isabella Watson '21

Artist Statement: In this piece of art, I used the theme "Florida is nature" to show Florida's land and sea. In both themes, I have endangered species such as the Florida panther, the manatee, loggerhead turtle and much more. I included the dangers they face every day such as oil spills and pollution to make people aware of the threats to these animals.

Project Timeline

February 15: First Day to submit Mural Designs
March 8, 4 p.m: Last Day to submit Mural Designs

March 12: Mr. Cortada, our celebrity artist judge, will notify us of his pick of the top 3 designs, alongside his recommendation for the overall winner. Mr. Klemme will review Mr. Cortada's recommendations.

March 15: The winning design will be announced.

March through April: Oxbridge art students will assist with the creation of the mural on the exterior wall of the academic corridor. Oxbridge faculty, students, and parents may be invited to assist on an as-needed basis.

Grand unveiling of the student mural is to be determined. Mr. Cortada is invited back to school to celebrate!