Campus Updates


Home of the ThunderWolves

Oxbridge encourages all students to participate in athletics and offers a well-rounded program that is an integral part of the educational experience at Oxbridge. Our athletic program provides opportunities for students to develop the framework for leadership, fair play, and ethical behavior: necessary skills for competition and cooperation in our society. Athletics provide students with opportunities for self-discipline, self-sacrifice, and loyalty to their community, school, and team.


Teams & Schedules

Our athletes are coached to compete with character during practice or a game day. All year long, there's a ThunderWolves team for you to come out and support. 


A Winning History

Oxbridge ThunderWolves have conquered fields, pools, courts, and tracks. In less than ten years, we have a proud history of developing winning teams, such as our girl's basketball team, which has won two back-to-back state championships.  



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