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Participation Forms


All student-athletes MUST complete the participation forms, as well as a Pre-participation Physical Evaluation to compete in athletics at Oxbridge Academy. Please complete and return the forms to in the Health & Wellness office prior to the first day of participation.


Please Note:
  • The FHSAA requires the EL2 and EL3 forms to be renewed yearly. These forms expire after one year and must be resubmitted annually.
  • The Oxbridge Athletic Department recommends that the paperwork be completed over the summer, even if you don't intend to play a fall sport.
  • These forms are different than the Florida Department of Health "blue and yellow" forms that are needed for school admittance in ninth grade.
The Athletic Department recognizes the growing concerns of concussions in youth sports. With the help of the Health and Wellness Clinic, we have identified the symptoms and protocol to better educate our student-athletes and their families about concussions.


Please click the image above to view a powerpoint presentation on concussions.