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Summer Athletic Camps

Summer Camp Philosophy

The Oxbridge Academy Athletic Summer Camps have become a yearly tradition for our staffs as well as our players. These camps are designed to provide a fun, challenging, and educational experience for campers. Instruction, competition, and games are designed to address the age and maturity of the camper. Each player will be coached by a staff recognized for their ability to teach fundamentals in an enthusiastic and safe way. It is our hope that each young athlete will leave our camps with the tools to become a better player and with the fond memories of a positive, fun-filled experience.



2019 Boys' Basketball Summer Camps

The Oxbridge Academy Boys' Basketball Camp allows all campers to develop during the week at their own pace. The development of basketball skills takes place in the mind as much as it does on the court, and Oxbridge Academy works to instill the values of teamwork and good sportsmanship in every camper. Oxbridge Academy's academic philosophy of hands-on teaching with instruction from qualified professionals extends beyond the court, which makes our camp the region's most comprehensive camp experience. The goal of the camp is to have each camper develop the necessary skills to reach his fullest potential.

Students Entering Grades: 2-9

Session 1:
Monday, July 8 - Friday, July 12
9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Session 2:
Monday, July 15 - Friday, July 19
9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

$250 per session
$450 for 2 sessions

What to bring:
Sneakers, basketball attire, and swimming trunks.

Please contact Coach Strassburger for more information about the camp:


2019 Girls' Lacrosse Summer Camps

During the Oxbridge Academy Intermediate Girls' Lacrosse Camp, campers will be working on a variety of skills to help improve their game. Oxbridge Academy’s goal is to help each participant enhance their skill level while giving them instruction that they can take with them moving forward. A combination of fundamental stick skills, small group drills, and game situations will embody the physical portion of this camp. Oxbridge Academy recognizes that talent extends beyond the tactics of the sport, and we will work to instill the values of mental toughness, teamwork, and good sportsmanship. This camp will be run by the Head Girls Lacrosse coach Megan Callaghan, a former Penn State University lacrosse player.

Students Entering Grades: 1-8

Session 1:
Tuesday, July 23 - Thursday, July 25
9:00AM - 2:00PM

$250 per session

What to bring:
Campers should bring their own lacrosse stick, google/helmet, mouthpiece, cleats/turfs and water bottle.

Please contact Coach Callaghan for more information about the camp:


General Camp Information

Confirmation of Enrollment
When you enroll online you will receive an automatic enrollment confirmation via e-mail. Please provide a valid e-mail address during the enrollment process; this is the e-mail address that your confirmation/receipt of purchase is sent to. Your e-mail may filter your confirmation/receipt of purchase into a junk, spam or bulk mail folder, please check there before you contact the camp director if you never received an e-mail confirmation.

Refund Policy
Refund/Cancellation Fees: A refund will be granted for cancellations submitted in writing one week prior to each session start.

What to bring
Please see the Camp Details section for food, clothing, and equipment needs specific to the camp. When choosing foods for lunches and snacks (for camps that do not provide meals), please DO NOT pack perishable items, there is NO refrigeration available for food storage. In addition, we recommend that all campers bring a Water Bottle, Sunscreen and Lip Balm. And, remember to label ALL items brought to camp.

Lost & Found
Lost and Found items are donated to a local charity one week after the camp session ends. If a camp participant has lost something please e-mail the Camp Director.

Medical Information/Illness
In the event that your camper becomes ill or an emergency arises, the camp staff will make every effort to contact you or your listed emergency contact. If deemed necessary by the camp staff, the camper may be transported to a nearby hospital for treatment.

A Medications Form completed by the camper's Parent/Guardian must accompany all medication to be taken by a camper. This includes both prescription and over-the-counter medications. All medications must be in current prescription bottles or original containers. Inhalers may be kept with the camper, but still require a Medications Form. Please contact the Director of the Health Wellness Clinic, Dr. Kelly Prisco at if you need to make arrangements for the refrigerated storage of insulin.

Camp Rules
Below is a list of general camp rules. Please make sure your child is familiar with them:

  • Respect other participants, instructors, facilities, and equipment.
  • Always listen to staff/instructor. Show consideration when instructors/coaches are speaking.
  • Teasing and put-downs are not tolerated at camp.
  • Use appropriate language - No cursing.
  • Stay with your group.
  • Keep the Camp area clean, throw your trash away and if you see trash, pick it up.
  • No Cell Phones, personal gaming or music devices allowed during training sessions.
  • No weapons allowed.
  • No pets may be brought to camp or to camp check-in and checkout.
  • No drugs, tobacco, or alcohol permitted at any time.
  • Never leave assigned activity areas without permission/supervision of staff.
  • For camps using the pools: (In addition to the above rules)
  • Campers are only allowed in the water with the permission of the coaching staff.
  • NO ONE is allowed in the pool area unless coaching staff is on deck.

* Any other rules specific to a Camp will be discussed at Camp.

Behavior Guidelines and Consequences
In order to provide a pleasant environment and to ensure the safety of our campers and staff, disruptive, destructive and/or dangerous behavior by campers is NOT ALLOWED. Such behavior will result in the camper being removed from the current camp segment. If the behavior continues, the camper will be dismissed from the camp. When a participant is dismissed from camp for unacceptable behavior there will be NO REFUND.

Any of the following will result in IMMEDIATE dismissal from camp:

  • Endangering the health or safety of others
  • Possession of firearms, weapons, explosives, etc.
  • Possession or use of illegal drugs, alcohol, cigarettes
  • Damage or destruction of property
  • Theft
  • Fighting
  • Pulling of fire alarms
  • Leaving camp area without permission

Damage or Loss of Property
Camper's parent/legal guardian will be financially responsible for any and all damages caused by camper. Parent/Legal guardian will be billed for any damage to campus facilities or equipment.

Leaving Camp Early
An authorized early release permission note must be turned into the Camp Director on the first day of camp, or on the morning of the day that the camper will be leaving early. The note needs to include:

  • Camper's name
  • Time and date the camper needs to leave
  • Permission for the camper to leave early by himself, if applicable
  • Signature of Parent /Legal guardian

Camp is usually at the assigned location even in rain. However, in the case of heavy rain, the Camp may be moved to an alternate site. Campers should always check-in at the scheduled location. If a Camp location is changed, you will be directed to the new location. Also, in the case of rain, campers should bring shoes with non-marking soles for indoor use. This information applies to outdoor camps that are affected by weather.

Nondiscrimination Statement
In accordance with applicable Federal laws and school policy, Oxbridge Academy does not discriminate in any of its policies, procedures, or practices on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age or handicap.

Athletic Philosophy
The Athletic Department is an integral part of the total educational process at Oxbridge Academy. Being involved in athletics provides students with opportunities to develop leadership skills and to learn the ideals of fair play and ethical behavior, which are necessary for competition and cooperation in our society. Athletics also provide students with the unique opportunities for self-discipline, self-sacrifice, and loyalty to the community, the school, and the team. Oxbridge Academy encourages all students to participate in athletics and offers a well-rounded program for both young men and women.