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An important part of our mission at Oxbridge is to foster a love of knowledge that will encourage students to become life long learners. We are also committed to supporting our faculty's professional development efforts, which in turn enrich the classroom experience for our students.This summer, several faculty members have attended classes and conferences around the world and have prepared a blog to share their experiences.

Oxbridge Academy’s college counseling team takes a personal approach to helping each student navigate the college admission process. The team provides sound advice, asks critical questions, provides recommendations, and helps students identify all of the opportunities available to them. This blog site will provide additional information to assist students and their parents prepare for the college application and admission process.

A group of 11 juniors and seniors, teachers Michael D'Egidio and Kate Kilian and head of school Ralph Maurer are attending the seventh annual China (Shanghai) International Technology Fair from April 18-21. The students will learn about new AI technologies and products, attend global panels and tours Shanghai Jiao Ton University while in the country. Follow their journey by visiting our blog for ongoing updates. 

Welcome to the Oxbridge Academy Health and Wellness Blog. Our experienced staff of healthcare professionals write educational posts that cover a wide variety of topics such as concussions, exertional heat illness, injury prevention, nutrition, fitness and various aspects of healthy living. We also showcase student writing that correlates to a health and wellness related topic they are researching in class.

In early March 2017, 12 students and chaperones Connie Li and Abraham Garridleft for a two-week immersion in the history, language, and culture of China. After 16 hours in flight, the group landed in Beijing. In Beijing, the students visited an Hutong neighborhood, the Great Wall, the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square, both Olympic Games' Bird’s Nest and Cube, and the Temple of Heaven. Visits to experience schools in the country while based in Beijing, allowed students to spend time in a high school classroom in Tianjin and tour a foreign affairs school that focuses on hospitality, finance, and tourism.

Oxbridge Academy and Cambridge University partnership Oxbridge Cambridge Scholars program for juniors is now in its fourth year. Cambridge University, founded in 1208 and acclaimed as one of the greatest universities in the world, has partnered with Oxbridge to offer a two-week interdisciplinary program of study at the university in Cambridge, England. Students work with Cambridge University faculty and Oxbridge advisors and chaperones in a two-week interdisciplinary program of study on the role of literature, rhetoric, and persuasion during periods of social change in British history. The 2017 program was chaperoned by David Childree, Amy Jurskis, and Greta Mills. Students departed March 17 and returned April 1.

Dr. Thornton and Mr. E'Egidio took 13 students to Costa Rica during spring break. They worked at the Ecology Project International Education Centre, Tirimbina Rainforest Research Station and the Pacuare Biological Reserve.

Ten Oxbridge students, Dr. Riordan and Mr. Posner embarked on a 12-day language and culture trip to Québec City on Friday, June 9, 2017. Students stayed with Québecois families in a fully immersive environment.