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The Oxbridge College Counseling Department provides students with opportunities, strategies, and resources to help make the college application process more accessible and comprehensible, such as the Naviance Career and College Curriculum and college visits to the school from a wide range of colleges and universities, workshops and meetings with small and large groups of students, and individual meetings to help students plan and complete college-related tasks. The purpose of this blog page is to inform Oxbridge parents and students about upcoming events, what is available in and out of our office, and current trends in college admissions, as well as to report on student college and career-related accomplishments and events and activities organized by the Oxbridge College Counseling Department. Contact us at

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Class of 2019: Are You Ready for Your Senior Year?

The Oxbridge Academy College Counseling Office is excited to support members of the Class of 2019 throughout the climatic months of their college admissions process. It's "all hands on deck" for our rising seniors, and as such, please make sure you know who in our office is here to support you.

From now through December, each student in the Class of 2019 has access to three eminently qualified college admissions experts - one College Counselor, one College Application Specialist, and one College Counseling Coordinator. Talk about a dream team! Learn more about your team members below.

Zoë Tosteson Losada

Title: Associate Director of College Counseling

College(s) Attended: Bennington College, Universidad Simon Bolivar, University of Florida

Favorite College Visited: Hard to say! I have visited many wonderful colleges and universities. I love smaller, liberal arts colleges that give students the freedom to explore their options.

Best Admission Advice: You are the skipper of your sailboat, the paddler of your canoe, the driver of your car, the owner of your destiny…..

Bio in two sentences: Zoë Tosteson Losada was born in Washington D.C. but has lived most of her life outside of the United States, working primarily in international schools as a school counselor and college counselor. She is married and has two adult children and a grandchild.

Favorite Movie: A River Runs Through It

Favorite Food: ice cream

Favorite Quote: “Ye are all the leaves of one tree and the drops of one ocean”.

Favorite Role Model: My mother, Dr. Penelope Ellis, a caring physician, loving mother, and voracious reader.

Favorite Musical Performer: Jascha Heifetz

Favorite Book: Pride and Prejudice

Favorite Vacation Destination: Sicily, IT

Wesley Baker

Title: Assistant Director of College Counseling College(s)

Attended: University of North Carolina Wilmington; University of Florida

Favorite College Visited: Clemson University

Best Admission Advice: Start early, work your hardest, step out of your comfort zone, and don't ever be afraid to ask questions or contact a representative.

Bio in two sentences: Wesley Baker began her professional career working in collegiate Student Affairs and transitioned to Oxbridge Academy in 2016. Next year will be her second year working with seniors, and it brings her great joy to help students realize their full potential and set realistic goals about what they would like out of their college experience.

Favorite Movie: Marley and Me

Favorite Food: Açaí bowls and sushi!

Favorite Quote: "A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle."

Favorite Role Model: Ellen DeGeneres and Mom

Favorite Musical Performer: John Legend

Favorite Book: Year of Yes

Favorite Vacation Destination: Maui, HI

Monica Hammett

Title: College Counseling Coordinator, School Liaison for NCAA, Bright Futures’ School Administrator, and Community Service Coordinator

College(s) Attended: UConn

Favorite College Visited: Rice University

Best Admission Advice: Meet with your college counselor early and often. Anytime you have a college-related question, visit your college counselor first!

Bio in two sentences: Overcoming adversity sums up Monica Hammett's life story; starting with a third world country subject to political coup, attending the troubled Eastside High School in the 80’s when that school was the center of the movie Lean on Me, and ultimately landing her dream job at Oxbridge Academy! As Monica likes to say, "Nothing is easy, but you can always make the best with the little you have."

Favorite Movie: Moonstruck

Favorite Food: Home made lamb stew and potato salad.

Favorite Quote: “Always be flexible and never be comfortable”

Favorite Role Model: Craig Meister. Phil Clinton, Steve Peifer, Dr. Neen Hunt

Favorite Musical Performer: Michael Jackson

Favorite Book: Triumph of Surrender

Favorite Vacation Destination: Green Meadows Petting Farm, East Troy, WI

Miranda Saunders

Title: College Application Specialist

College(s) Attended: University of Michigan (BA, Spanish and Secondary Teacher Certification, Penn (MS, Higher Education Management)

Favorite College Visited: University of St Andrews

Best Admission Advice: Control what you can, let go of what you can't, and never lose your smile.

Bio in two sentences: As an Adjunct Reader for NYU and former Director of College Counseling for New York City's Hewitt School, Miranda Saunders is also a domestic engineer (aka stay-at-home mom of two girls, ages six and five). She is proud to be a Jersey girl turned southerner, Michigan football fan, Orangetheory Fitness junkie, choco-holic and golfer-in-training.

Favorite Movie: The Sound of Music

Favorite Food: Anything Mexican!

Favorite Role Model: My ninety-seven-year old grandmother who still makes it a point to walk multiple miles daily and reminds me that age is just a number!

Favorite Musical Performer: Can't choose just one...Bruce Springsteen (those New Jersey roots), Billy Joel (over a decade of sleepaway camp), and Pink (because she's just awesome).

Favorite Book: Charlotte's Web -- reading it with my kids this summer

Favorite Vacation Destination: Italy

Craig Meister

Title: Director of College Counseling & College Application Specialist

College(s) Attended: Penn (BA, History), UCLA (Certificate, College Counseling)

Favorite College Visited: Northwestern

Best Admission Advice: Remember that getting into your dream college is a team endeavor. Make sure to keep all your team members (parents, counselor, college application specialist, teacher recommenders) in the loop throughout. We are all here to help.

Bio in two sentences: Craig Meister has served as Director of College Counseling at schools in Baltimore, Maryland, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and West Palm Beach, Florida. He has thirteen years of experience in college counseling as an independent consultant, college admissions officer, and high school counselor.

Favorite Movie: Tie between One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and The Muppets Take Manhattan.

Favorite Food: Nutella

Favorite Role Model: Winston Churchill

Favorite Musical Performer: This is a hard one. Maybe a tie today between Bob Seger and Cass Elliot.

Favorite Book: Candide, ou l'Optimisme

Favorite Vacation Destination: Budapest, HU

Craig Meister Quoted in The New York Times

Our very own Director of College Counseling, Craig Meister, was interviewed by The New York Times and quoted in an April 10, 2018 article by Erica L. Green about the decision by the U.S. Department of Justice to probe colleges' Early Decision admissions practices.

“I would never assume as a high school counselor, that I’d have to tell them [Oxbridge students] there are official back channels that could hinder your chances of getting into other schools,” Mr. Meister said. “I don’t think it’s illegal to do, but it’s wrong to do. If there’s some coordinated policy, that is extremely concerning and warrants some sort of action.”

Learn more about this probe and Mr. Meister's thoughts in The New York Times. Congratulations Mr. Meister.

University of California-Berkeley Visits Oxbridge - Posted January 3, 2018

Students, make sure to mark your calendars and RSVP in Naviance Family Connection for University of California-Berkeley's visit to Oxbridge Academy. Mr. Jua Howard, Assistant Director of Admissions for UC Berkeley will meet with interested Oxbridge students on Tuesday, February 13, 2018 in the College Counseling Office.

Students, please remember that if a college representative for a college or university that you are interested in is visiting Oxbridge Academy, make sure to reserve a spot for that college's information session beforehand, and no later than 72 hours beforehand, by clicking on the "colleges" tab within Naviance Family Connection, then clicking on the "view all upcoming college visits" link, and finally clicking where it reads "sign up" to the left of the name of collegeabout which you want to learn more. Parents are able to view upcoming visits on Naviance Family Connection but not sign up for them, as these visits are exclusively for students.

Make the Most of Summer - Posted December 20, 2017

Your Oxbridge Academy College Counselors want you to make the most of your summer so that you learn a lot, enjoy yourself, and impress colleges that will ultimately receive applications from you in the future. To that end, parents and students of all grade levels are invited to attend our January Cookies, Coffee, & College Counseling Confab on Tuesday, January 30, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. in the dining hall to learn more about how to find, research, and take part in meaningful, valuable, and educational summer activities. Please RSVP here by January 28, 2018.

Early College Acceptances - Posted December 13, 2017

College acceptances for members of Oxbridge Academy's Class of 2018 have started rolling in, and many more decisions will come in the few months. To date, roughly eighty colleges - including MIT, Penn, Duke, Northwestern, Rice, Tulane, Georgia, Villanova, Lafayette, NYU, and Alabama - have accepted our students for Fall 2018. Click HERE to see a complete list. Congratulations seniors!