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Visual Arts

The visual arts program embraces 2D and 3D media, including drawing, painting, sculpture, woodworking, digital art, and photography. While design, aesthetics, and historical context concepts are included in faculty instruction, students are encouraged to enjoy the process, use self-expression, and learn to evaluate and critique their work. The curriculum includes visiting artists, travel opportunities, local exhibitions, and competitions.



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The 2D art courses teach a wide-range of artistic media. Classes focus on the proper use of a variety of artistic tools and how materials interact with one another through creation and destruction. No matter the medium and creative process, students learn how to explore their personal interests and how to express their individual vision. 

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The 3D art program includes courses in ceramics, wood and metal working, mixed media exploration, and more. These classes teach students how to design and build both functional and purely aesthetic sculptures while using a variety of media and taking calculated creative risks.

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The digital media program includes graphic design, motion graphics animation, and videography. The classes introduce students to the Adobe Creative Suite while exploring their creativity and translating those ideas into the digital plane. The digital media program gives students real-world projects to prepare them for the challenges in school and beyond.

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The study of photography focuses on the history, technical skills, and aesthetics of photographic media and post-production. Students use school-provided cameras and Adobe software to gain familiarity with both digital and analog film photography. Utilizing studio-lighting equipment and a state-of-the-art darkroom, students immerse themselves in the process of image-making.

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