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Oxbridge Middle

Welcome to Oxbridge Academy Middle

Prepare to embark on an extraordinary journey of growth, personal development, and endless discovery! Serving grades 6-8, Oxbridge Middle nurtures young minds, instills core values, and fuels curiosity through immersive instruction, exploration, and experiential learning. By embracing students earlier, we can lay a robust academic foundation, foster critical thinking skills, and cultivate well-rounded global citizens poised for success in the upper school and beyond. Join us at Oxbridge Middle and embark on a transformative educational journey that unlocks unlimited potential.

Oxbridge Middle is dedicated to delivering a world-class education in an enriching atmosphere. Students experience the same academic opportunities as in the upper school while being empowered to create clubs, engage in community outreach, and seamlessly immerse themselves in our Culture of Kindness. Fueling passions, students can try out for selective athletic teams and use a state-of-the-art health & wellness center to foster a holistic approach to education. Discover Oxbridge Middle where exceptional experiences, compassionate connections, and a vibrant school community await. 



Rainey Wyatt
Middle School Director


Oxbridge Middle is a unique and stimulating space for young people. At Oxbridge, each student has multiple interests, talents, and abilities to be discovered and explored. We also believe success combines character development, confidence, lifelong curiosity, and academic achievement. Our carefully crafted middle school curriculum encourages and empowers self-discovery, covers a broad range of electives, and allows students who excel in subjects like math to take courses that challenge them. The curriculum, combined with a culture that actively values kindness and community, helps young students explore their passions and build foundational skills that will allow them to excel in our Upper School and the world beyond. Oxbridge is a fantastic place where students enthusiastically interact with their peers, the faculty, and the staff and enjoy attending school daily! When our students graduate from Oxbridge, we know they are prepared to meet the world boldly. 



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