Campus Updates


Introducing Oxbridge Academy's Middle School

In conjunction with our 10th anniversary, we are pleased to announce the launch of Oxbridge Middle, offering 7th and 8th grades beginning in the 2021-2022 school year. The addition of a middle school expands Oxbridge Academy's commitment to offering a world-class education to students in our community. Students will experience and benefit from a culture that nurtures and instills Oxbridge values within its diverse and inclusive community. Oxbridge Middle will help students develop character, discover their passions, and prepare them for a seamless transition to our high school where they will continue to meet the world boldly.



Oxbridge Middle combines academic subjects under larger discipline blocks, such as humanities and STEAM. This allows students early on to learn the holistic connections between the subjects, recognize problems, and find solutions. Coupled with interdisciplinary projects, experiential learning, field trips, and adventures, our 7th and 8th grade academic programs teach students to realize what is possible and how connections are made. A robust advisory program and character education provide the foundation of academia and student life.



Athletics has and will always be an integral part of a student's educational experience at Oxbridge. Over the past ten years, Oxbridge has developed an award-winning athletic program, featuring 22 sports. Students in 7th and 8th grade will have the opportunity to try out for our athletic teams. The Florida High School Athletic Association allows student-athletes seven years of eligibility. To learn more about our athletic programs and facilities, visit our athletic webpage.


Student Life

Students in 7th and 8th grades will be encouraged to create clubs, participate in community outreach efforts, and act as school ambassadors on and off campus. They will find many ways to engage in life at Oxbridge - spending time with classmates through clubs and academic teams, student assemblies, and extracurricular activities; enjoying our gourmet dining services; discovering our state-of-the art health and wellness programs; and relaxing and studying together in our common spaces. They will learn that our culture of kindness guides everything we do at Oxbridge.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Oxbridge Academy is committed to building a diverse and inclusive community of families that place a high value on investing in a private school education for their children. We carefully manage tuition rates and offer a financial aid program to make an Oxbridge education feasible for families.


Application Process

Oxbridge Academy uses an online application system called Ravenna where applicants apply, manage, and track their application. The following steps must be completed through your Ravenna account.



The Oxbridge Academy admission team is happy help you through our streamlined application process. Contact a team member at or 561-972-9826.