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Academic Teams, Clubs & Activities

Oxbridge Academy clubs are student-designed and student-led, with a faculty advisor who offers guidance and mentoring. We encourage our students and faculty to join or form clubs and activities that reflect their interests and passions. Unless otherwise indicated, all of our clubs and activities are active during the full school year. At the beginning of each academic year, students have the opportunity to join or start clubs based on their own personal interests. To petition to start a new club, fill out the New Club Petition form.

Clubs & Activities

Anime Club

Club Advisor:
Anime Club offers a casual environment to watch anime, a style of Japanese film and television animation. The main goal of our club is to provide a means of relaxation during the busy school week and to offer a short burst of stress-free fun. We typically meet once a week during lunch, but we also occasionally meet after-school on Fridays to watch a longer program, such as a movie. We welcome everyone to join us in having fun and watching anime!

Art Club

Club Advisor:
The Art Club focuses on creating art, learning new techniques, and collaborating with other creative-minded individuals. Students are encouraged to bring artwork they have already begun, either for school or on their own, and spend time simply creating. By meeting after school, we are not limited by time and are able to talk about upcoming Art events and activities we would like to participate in. The Club has been asked to create logos and designs for other organizations on campus and plans to bring more Art into Oxbridge Academy in the future.

Autism Coalition

Club Advisor:
The Oxbridge Autism Coalition is committed to increasing opportunities for local teens with Austim Spectrum Disorder. The club meets with students from the Renaissance Learning Academy, a local charter school, every other Tuesday in the North Building. RLA students become friends with Oxbridge students. More than anything else, RLA students need practice holding conversations with typical teens. When they come to Oxbridge, they get to practice interpersonal skills in a real-world setting. The club gives Oxbridge students a chance to get to know students they might not otherwise meet. It’s a win-win situation that develops Oxbridge students’ empathy and flexibility. Students earn community service hours for their work in the OAC.

Book Club

Club Advisor:
This club will not only give students an extra push to read ravishing novels, but will also teach time management on how to balance this club and incorporate reading into all day to day activities.

Business Club

Club Advisor: Sedric Simon & Dennis Yuzenas
The purpose of the Oxbridge Business Club is to support student interest in business operations, management, planning and start-up (through a subset of the group that is focused on Entrepreneurship). The students will collaborate with community partners, participate in competitions (i.e., DECA Challenge) and attend relevant community events and speaking engagements.

Cancer Awareness Club

Club Advisor:
The Cancer Awareness Club wants to bring the awareness of different cancers to the school community by volunteering its time to participate in different walks and by fundraising. The funds go directly to cancer research to help find a cure or it will go to the patients to help them during times of treatments. The club participates and fundraises for different cancer societies, such as The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and the Lustgarten Foundation for Pancreatic Research, to name a few. We hope to continue supporting these wonderful organizations as well as others and also provide support to our Oxbridge family who may have a family member who is battling cancer. We have formed a lot of connections within the cancer community and hope we can be a part of helping to find a cure.

Cape Tutor Club

Club Advisor:
The Community Assistance Promoting Education Club this year has been focusing on improving the education of younger children. We have created fun and engaging activities for toddlers to help them with their development skills. Furthermore, we have worked with the School of Ballet Arts dance students. We assisted in beginner acrobatics classes with students ages five to seven. Through these classes we have been able to aid in teaching them different dances from a variety of cultures. With our main goal as a club to help improve the education of those in our community, we have really enjoyed working with each child.

Computer Science Club

Club Advisor:
We’re a group of students that all share a passion: computer science! We have a wide variety of skill levels present in the club, but we do have two strict requirements: you must be willing to learn and love to have fun. We learn about all different types of computer science and have a great time just hanging out together. We love fun things and hate boring things, so every meeting is sure to be a surprise. Why don’t you drop by one day to see what we’re all about?

Computer Gaming Club

Club Advisor:
Gaming club offers a communal meeting place for all different types of gamers at Oxbridge Academy of the Palm Beaches. The club runs both small scale video game LAN parties and large scale tournaments. Oxbridge serves as the meeting place for a large part of the southern Florida eSports community.

Current Events Club

Club Advisor: Stephen Obringer

Every few weeks this club meets to openly discuss and debate trending and current events and topics. This club is beneficial to students as it serves as an outlet for students to voice their opinions freely among their peers.

Diving Club

Club Advisor:
Scuba club gives an opportunity to students to dive the depths of the oceans and explore their wildest dreams of the deep blue. We give students the opportunity to get certified to scuba dive. As a certified diver, students can dive to depths of up to 60 ft, to explore the underwater reefs and animals of the area

Environmental Adventures

Club Advisors: Teresa Thornton
Green Club is one of Oxbridge’s most active clubs, focusing on the environment. We are in charge of the school’s recycling and community outreach to protect native species in national parks, state parks, and refuges. We take a yearly camping trip, participate in community service, and reconnect with our natural selves

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Club Advisor: Kate Killian

The purpose of the FCA club is to see the world impacted for Jesus Christ through the influence of coaches and athletes. It is a fellowship of students that share their experiences and daily challenges in life. We strive to serve the Lord in our relationships and the fellowship of the church. We will honor and glorify God in all we do.

German Club

Club Advisors: Ben Matzen

Oxbridge offers übercool adventures in German for beginning through advanced learners, all in a fun, motivating setting. Exchange your currency for Euros at our Bank, shop in our Laden for books or a t-shirt or order some Nutella Gelato or Gummibären in Café Einbeck. Pass the Wiener Schnitzel or solve the mystery of the Geheimbetreuer who is always listening for Donnerwölfe speaking German. It’s all part of becoming a real Sprachmeister. Join in real German-speaking cultural activities like Oktoberfest, Karneval der Kulturen or the Zurich Street Parade. Try delicious authentic food. Jumpstyle or spin some tunes as a real German DJ for Oxbridge Radio—it’s all part of the fun and the best way to use the German you are learning. Students who successfully use their Deutsch to become a Sprachmeister are rewarded at Café Einbeck or at Oxbridge’s own German store—der Laden. Tempt your taste buds at Oxbridge’s own authentic German Cafe, with breads, pastries and Kuchen baked fresh in our own Bäckerei by our talented bakers. At the beach try Schwimmen and Kanufahren. On the field shoot a goal and hear your friends shout TOOOOR! At Worpswede, our very own artists’ colony, test your leather-making skill or create a Buntglas stained glass piece of art. Work with clay on the wheel with Töpfern, or even sew a traditional Dirndl. It all begins here.

Pre-requisite: only the willingness to learn something completely new and different with an open mind, and the desire to help others do the same


Club Advisor: GURLS (Generating Unified Relationships and Loving Support) Up has three objectives:
1. To break social divides among girls at different grade levels and establish a strong community that is not aligned with a sport or academic pursuit

2. To promote friendships through exercises, activities, discussions and volunteer opportunities

3. To provide a safe environment where girls can discuss the many issues that young women confront in today's society: i.e., bullying, sexual harassment, academic pressures, and demands of social media.

HOSA: Future Health Professionals

Club Advisor:

The purpose of the HOSA organization is to develop leadership and technical health care skills through a program of motivation, awareness, education and recognition. HOSA’s two-fold mission is to promote career opportunities in the health care industry and to enhance the delivery of quality health care to all people. This club will allow students to engage in learning a healthcare skill and to use this knowledge to compete against other students from other HOSA chapters. The knowledge and experience gained from being part of HOSA will allow students to be more educated regarding their future college career paths, choices and opportunities available in the health care field.

Improv Club

Club Advisor:
The Improv Club aims to introduce students to the dynamic and creative world of theatrical improvisation. Once a week, students gather to play games that test their mental and physical abilities in such a fun way that it doesn't ever seem like work! Members are encouraged to have an open mind and be willing to get silly!

Jewish Student Union

Club Advisor:
The Jewish Student Union was created to strengthen student Jewish identity and connection to Israel. Participation is free and open to any student, regardless of their Jewish background or denomination. Meetings take place during lunch and after school and involve discussions, guest speakers, and much more.

Key Club

Club Advisor:
The mission of the Oxbridge Academy Key Club is to serve the children of the world. Student members of the Key Club perform acts of service in their communities, such as running tutoring programs at the local homeless shelter, collecting clothing and organizing food drives, building homes with habitat for humanity and much much more. Students can be involved on a variety of levels and volunteer opportunities take place on both weekdays and weekends

National Association of Students Against Gun Violence

Club Advisor: Janet Outlaw
There are thousands of talented, passionate students in America who feel strongly about gun control. It is essential to achieving our mission that we engage and encourage those students by providing the necessary resources for achieving their goals. The school chapters are a format that allows students to interact with and contribute to our network, while retaining as much autonomy as possible. We believe that change will be brought most effectively by engaging students to advocate for gun control in an organized, focused fashion.

Literary Journal Club

Club Advisor:Amy Jurskis
The Oxbridge Literary Journal, Oxbridge Underground, publishes poems, fiction, non-fiction, and art created by Oxbridge students. With the help of a faculty advisor, students in the Literary Journal Club solicit and select pieces for inclusion in the journal, and then design and layout the final print product.

OX Robotics

Club Advisor: Renato Laucas de Campos
This club will educate and entertain students about robotics and will include competitions, races, build-it challenges and assembly demonstrations.


Club Advisor:Fabienne Combe
The Oxbridge Academy Gay-Straight Alliance is a club that offers a safe space on campus for all LGBT+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender+) students and allies where they can meet and discuss current issues in their lives, communities, and the world. The club focuses on promoting an accepting and friendly environment throughout the student body, and mainly exists to form friendships with like-minded students and create support systems for students still discovering their sexualities.

Sewing & Fashion Club

Club Advisor:
The Oxbridge sewing club was founded in Fall of 2014. Through its weekly meeting times students learn basic hand stitching and machine sewing methods as they make a range of fun projects including pillows, stuffed animals, skirts, and aprons. In addition to monthly creative projects, students also sew costumes for the spring musical and participate in the annual Catwalk Student Fashion Show event held in Palm Beach County every Spring.

Sports Medicine

Club Advisor:
The Sports Medicine club was developed by students interested in careers in the sports medicine field; including athletic training, physical therapy, strength and conditioning, kinesiology, exercise science, and nutrition. The purpose of the club is to spread awareness of the sports medicine field and for students to learn about each field of study.

Student Ambassador Club

Club Advisor:
An Ambassador is one of the most important contributors to the Oxbridge culture. As an Ambassador, you will represent the very best of what our school stands for. Students of all grades are welcome to join the Student Ambassador club. Training is provided to all new Ambassadors by returning members of the club.

Activities include but are not limited to:
• Help to organize Open Houses events.
• Assist with team building activities at New Student Orientation.
• Give tours to prospective families during study hall periods, Open House events and for other departments, as requested.
• Host accepted students on organized shadow days.

Strategy Gaming Club

Club Advisor:
In Strategy Gaming Club, we play a variety of table-top board, card, and role-playing games. We welcome everyone to join this social club, and we're happy to introduce others to this fun hobby! Currently, we are creating an Oxbridge game library. The SGC meets every Monday after school to play games like Settlers of Catan, Risk, Ticket to Ride, Set, Munchkin, etc.

Student Investment Club

Club Advisor:
This club started with a grant from the Goss Foundation in which students have been given money to invest. Through a live investing account, students learn the principles of investing and money management. The student investment club also works with an investment mentor and holds periodic luncheon meetings.

Veterinary Club

Club Advisor: Dr. Hinkley
The Veterinary Club (aka Vet Club) at Oxbridge Academy is one of the oldest and most active clubs on campus. We’ve done hands-on behind the scenes tours at the Palm Beach Zoo and numerous local animal clinics. We’ve teamed up with other schools for special animal themed events. Seventeen club members have had summer long internships at Peggy Adams, learning everything there is to know about running a no kill not-for-profit animal shelter. We bring in guest speakers and generally advocate for the humane treatment of all animals. We do all of this in a fun environment.

Academic Teams & Clubs

Brain Bee Team

Team Advisor: Ben Matzen

The Brain Bee is an annual neuroscience competition hosted by the Max Planck Institute for Neuroscience. Participants train all year for a single day event by learning and teaching one another about the anatomy and physiology of the brain and other aspects of neuroscience. The competition is judged by actual researchers at Max Planck.

International Thespian Society

Club Advisor:
The International Thespian Society (ITS) is the Educational Theatre Association’s student honorary organization. Oxbridge Thespian Troupe #7866 is an active contributor to our district and state affiliates. Students earn points towards induction (and then additional honors) through participation in performing arts activities at school. A select group of members participate in competition events that make them eligible for a Varsity letter in Theater. The troupe also sponsors performances—including a fully-student produced piece—community service opportunities, and social activities.

Math Club

Cub Advisors: and
We are a group of very welcoming mathematicians that love to discover and discuss beautiful math! The Math Club has weekly competitions, varying from online real-time showdowns to written Florida Math League contests. We welcome all levels of proficiency in mathematics, ranging from Algebra I to the highest levels of Calculus and beyond, so stop by sometime to see what we’re up to!

Model United Nations

Team Advisor:
The Model United Nations (MUN) is an academic competition team that addresses international affairs from the perspectives of member nations in the UN. Students play the roles of delegates sitting in UN committees, developing positions on issues and problem solving through dialogue and debate, formulation of alliances, development of working papers and the writing of resolutions. Participation in the Model UN requires reading and research, public speaking and a challenging level of critical thinking. Teamwork and leadership abilities are essential for members of this group.

National Honor Society

Club Advisors: and Ben Matzen

Special academic criteria as well as faculty recommendations and approval by the Oxbridge Faculty Council are required for membership. Students must attend Oxbridge at least one semester in order to be eligible for membership. Eligible students are invited to apply in the spring. Click HERE for more information. 

Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica (SHH)

Club Advisor:
Maria T. Dona-Morice

Selections for membership in the Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica (SHH) are made by the SHH advisor and the cabinet. The criteria for membership are: character, leadership, honesty, and commitment. Information about prospective members is gathered primarily from the SHH application, teacher recommendations, and grades. After careful consideration of the candidates in all respects, the Chapter Advisor will then send acceptance letters to the 10 students selected.

Speech and Debate

Students can take Debate I to try different types of debate, and then take advanced debate courses to specialize in the type(s) of debate they like the most.

Students can compete at local, state, and national debate tournaments across the country.

Students see universities (Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Emory, UF, and more) as they compete, and make friends who share similar interests from all over the country.

Click HERE to learn more about Speech and Debate.

Student Government Association

Club Advisor:
The Student Government Association (SGA) is an effective and efficient governing body that serves the collective interests of the school’s students. Its purpose is to provide a voice for the student body and to serve the community through collaboration, leadership, and trust. The Oxbridge Academy SGA Council consists of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, two (2) Class Representatives from each class, and at least two (2) non-voting, non-student advisors. The President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer are the Executive Committee for the Student Council.