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Benefits of Speech & Debate

Studies show that students who take just one year of speech and debate coursework improve their test scores in classes and on standardized tests. Students increase critical reading test scores by 44%. Students increase reading comprehension test scores by 25%.

  • Students consistently involved with speech and debate have a 95-99% college acceptance rate.
  • Colleges and universities love to see debate on transcripts because of the set of skills that it teaches students.
  • There are a number of scholarship opportunities associated with debate.
  • Skills learned are useful for careers in law, politics, literature, journalism, and many others.

Speech and debate teaches you skills that can help raise a student's grades in all classes:

  • Speak and write clearly, smoothly, and effectively
  • Answer questions with clear topic sentences and plenty of support
  • Write better essays and paragraphs
  • Be better organized
  • Process information more quickly and more clearly with a better understanding of it
  • Make presentations comfortably and confidently without being nervous

Debate Opportunities at Oxbridge

  • Students can take Debate I to try different types of debate, and then take advanced debate courses to specialize in the type(s) of debate they like the most.
  • Students can compete at local, state, and national debate tournaments across the country.
  • Students see universities (Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Emory, UF, and more) as they compete, and make friends who share similar interests from all over the country.

Types of Speech & Debate