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China Trip 2017

First China Study Abroad Trip

During March 2017, 12 students, and two chaperones, Connie Li and Abraham Garrido, left for Beijing for a two-week immersion in the history, language, and culture of China. In Beijing, the students visited a neighborhood in Hutong, the Great Wall, the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square, both Olympic Games' Bird’s Nest and Cube, and the Temple of Heaven. They also explored local schools, spending time in a high school classroom in Tianjin and touring a Foreign Affairs school that focuses on hospitality, finance, and tourism. The group traveled to Xi’an by overnight train. Xi’an is the home of the Terra Cotta warriors and one of the oldest mosques in China, The Great Mosque built in 742 C.E. On day ten, they traveled by air to the brightly lit representative of modern Shanghai. No time for rest here either. A course in calligraphy awaited, along with a chance to make dumplings (yum). The beautiful Yuyuan Gardens, some shopping and a visit to the Venice of China, Zhou Zhuang concluded the trip. This is an independent study course, and part of the grade is supported by the reflective blogs that follow. Please enjoy, vicariously, a trip to China.