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The Health & Wellness Clinic

The mission of the Health and Wellness Clinic is to develop a program founded on integrity, respect, compassion, accountability, and scientific evidence-based doctrine. The clinic staff strives to provide every student and employee with the most comprehensive, highest quality individual health care available in a professional, efficient, and compassionate manner. A diversified program of prevention, evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation will ensure a positive healthy recovery experience, an improved quality of life, and a safe return to full activity.


General Healthcare

The Health and Wellness Clinic staff is responsible for the daily health care of Oxbridge students and staff members. The health care professionals at Oxbridge are available during school hours for first aid, emergency medical care, and any illness or injury that may occur during the school day.

The Health and Wellness Clinic is responsible for facilitating physician referrals as needed, maintaining the student’s athletic records, and maintaining documentation for any injury or illness that may prevent a student from participation in PE class, life fitness classes, and any other school required physical activity.

In collaboration with the school psychologist and community physicians, the Health and Wellness Clinic is responsible for the concussion management program and the student’s reintegration into the classroom and physical activity.

Athletic Training
Athletic trainers are highly qualified, multi-skilled health care professionals who collaborate with physicians and other health care professionals to provide injury prevention services, first aid, emergency care, clinical diagnosis, therapeutic intervention, and rehabilitation of injuries and medical conditions. Athletic trainers work under the direction of a physician as prescribed by state licensure statutes.

Athletic trainers provide medical services to all types of patients, not just athletes participating in sports, and can work in a variety of job settings. Athletic trainers improve functional outcomes and specialize in patient education to prevent injury and re-injury.

Physical Therapy
A physical therapist is a highly-educated health care professional that diagnoses and treats individuals of all ages, who have injuries, medical problems, or other health-related conditions that limit their abilities to move and perform functional activities in their daily lives.

Physical therapists evaluate each person and develop an individualized plan using skilled therapeutic treatment techniques to promote the ability to move, reduce pain, restore function, and prevent disability. In addition, physical therapists work with individuals to improve their overall quality of life by developing, injury prevention, fitness, and wellness-oriented programs.

A physical therapist licensed in the state of Florida can evaluate and treat patients for 30 days without a physician referral. Physical therapy services are offered to all Oxbridge students and staff members. If you have any questions about the physical therapy program and services offered, please contact .


Dr. Kelly Prisco
Director of Health & Wellness