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Computer and Technology Systems Usage Policy

All persons using any electronics on school property are required to abide by the following rules. This policy also applies to the use of any personal electronic devices on School property or at school-related events. Failure to abide by these rules will result in disciplinary action. Files are not to be downloaded to the School’s local or network hard drives. Violations of the following guidelines may result in the revocation of access privileges and possible disciplinary responses, including expulsion for serious offenses. Every effort must be made to protect and care for the technology issued (including cameras). Lost or damaged school property will be assessed and charged to the family’s account.

A. Access to Materials

We expect users to act responsibly in their searches and to immediately disengage from any materials that are inappropriate and to report the situation to the faculty member or administrator in charge of the activity. Although the school cannot effectively restrict all content of information obtained by students via the Internet, obtaining material that is explicitly labeled as not intended for minors will be considered a violation of school rules. Furthermore, making public or passing on any material that is pornographic, violent in nature, or otherwise harassing will be dealt with immediately by administration.

B. Pirated Software

The term “pirated software” refers to the use and transfer of stolen software. Commercial software is copyrighted, and each purchaser must abide by the licensing agreement published with the software. There is no justification for the use of illegally obtained software. The school will not, in any way, be held responsible for a student’s own software brought to school for personal use.

C. Network Access and Passwords

Accessing the accounts and files of others is prohibited. Attempting to impair the network, to bypass restrictions set by the network administrator, or to create links to the school’s web page is prohibited. Obtaining another’s password or rights to another’s directory or e-mail on the network is a violation of school rules as well as a form of theft. Taking advantage of a student who inadvertently leaves a computer without logging out is not appropriate. Using someone else’s password or posting a message using another’s log-in name is a form of dishonesty, just as is plagiarism or lying, and will be treated as a violation. Guard your password. You will be responsible for any activity on the school’s system under your password.

D. School’s Right to Inspect

The school reserves the right to inspect user directories for inappropriate files and to remove them if found and to take other appropriate action if deemed necessary, including notification of parents. The school also reserves the right to inspect any personal electronic devices brought on to campus. In such case, students must provide any passwords to inspect the device upon request by a school administrator. Do not assume that any messages or materials on your computer or the school’s systems are private.

E. E-mail

E-mail may not be used to harass or threaten others. The school reserves the right to randomly check e-mail or text messages. E-mail messages must not include personal attacks and should follow the normal rules of appropriate public language. They should not contain any language or content which the author would not be willing to share from the podium at a school meeting. Students should be made aware that deleted emails can be undeleted. Any person who believes that they have been harassed or threatened by an email communication should immediately report the concern in accordance with the School’s No Harassment/No Bullying policy.

F. Viruses

The School is not responsible for the transmission of any virus or for damage suffered from a virus.

G. Computer Care

Members of the School community will not abuse, tamper with, or willfully damage any computer equipment, use the computer for other than appropriate work, or bring food or drink into any computer area. Any intentional acts of vandalism will be result in discipline and students will be held responsible for replacement or repairs.

Note: Your laptop is the property of Oxbridge Academy. The IT Department maintains laptops and reserves the right to pull a computer from a student and send it for repair. Damage done to the computer while it is Oxbridge’s property will be repaired at the student/parent’s expense. We do not seek prior permission or approval to repair our computers. It is the student's responsibility to protect the computer and keep it in good working condition.

H. Social Media Use at School or a School-Related Event

We do not permit students to access social media and/or social networking sites while on school property or at a school-related event. We have taken steps to block many of the social media/networking sites on our network. Therefore, if you have access to social media, you should understand that your activities are in violation of School policy and may result in disciplinary action.

I. Use Away from School Property

It is not our goal to regulate a student’s personal online activities when not on school property or at a school-related event. Please understand, however, that certain activities might violate rights that the school reserves the right to regulate. You should ensure that your online activities do not violate a school policy regarding bullying or harassment, or other similar policies pertaining to how students interact with each other. If you post or say something online that makes another student feel uncomfortable, your activity may result in an investigation and possible discipline. Students should also be aware that teachers and administrators periodically check such sites and may determine that off-campus behavior violates the school conduct code by making disparaging or negative comments about the school, administration, or faculty members in a manner that is disruptive to the school’s educational mission or activities. Students should not “Follow” or be “Friends” with any faculty member or other adult member of our community (other than the student’s parent) on any of these social networking sites. Any violation of this prohibition must be reported to the Administration immediately. In addition, postings on social networking or other Internet sites of students engaging in inappropriate behavior (such as drinking, smoking, sexual activity, etc.) are prohibited. Students are not permitted to use the school’s name, logo, trademark, or service mark in online activities. Students are not permitted to post photographs of the School, or its activities online. Students are not permitted to create websites or social networking profiles to rate teachers, discuss aspects of the school, or otherwise disclose information online that the school would find offensive or inappropriate if posted in the newspaper. Finally, students are not permitted to disclose any confidential information about the school, employees, students, parents, or activities online.

J. Your Identity Online

You are responsible for any of your online activity conducted with a school email address, and/or which can be traced back to the school’s domain, and/or which uses school assets. What you publish on such personal online sites should never be attributed to the school and should not appear to be endorsed by or originated from the school. No social media, online accounts should be created using the school name and/or logo. Use of the school logo is strictly prohibited without written consent from the Communications Department.

From the Student Handbook, pages 33-35