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Oxbridge’s endowment is a sustainable funding source that provides current and future revenue streams to support the school’s mission and vision. The endowment consists of restricted and unrestricted funds established for a variety of purposes. Gifts contributed to the endowment are considered principal and remain invested in a pooled fund. Each named fund is held in perpetuity or for a determined term, where it is unitized and tracked on an individual account basis. Endowed funds can be established with a minimum outright or pledged gift of $25,000, and subsequent contributions may be added at any time, in any amount, by anyone. Many people establish funds and give to them annually.


How Endowed Funds Work

A percentage of the entire endowment is used each year to support the operations, programs, or designated purpose of the individual fund. The larger the endowment, the more Oxbridge can offset annual budget expenditures, creating long-term sustainability standards of educational excellence. There are three types of endowed funds that make up the endowment for Oxbridge Academy:

Scholarship and Financial Aid Fund

Provide financial aid resources enabling Oxbridge to build a diverse student body that reflects socioeconomic and ethnic demographics of the community and directly impacts the lives of many families. Currently over 40% of Oxbridge students receive some financial assistance, money that currently comes out of our operating budget.

Financial aid recipients are advised of the endowed fund that supports their education and learn the history of the fund and the people it honors. Donors receive thank you correspondence from student beneficiaries and meet each recipient at the Oxbridge’s Scholarship and Financial Aid Luncheon.


Did You Know?

By establishing a scholarship and financial aid endowment, you will provide an education to a highly qualified deserving student while helping Oxbridge be less dependent on operation funds to support financial aid. The pledge period can be spread over five years. 

  • Gifts of $1,000,000 investment generates enough funds to offer a full-tuition scholarship.
  • Gifts of $500,000 investment generates enough funds to offer a partial-tuition scholarship.


General Program or Unrestricted Fund

An unrestricted endowed gift creates a legacy with flexibility. An unrestricted endowed gift allows Oxbridge Academy to respond to the needs of the School. Unrestricted endowed gifts can be established with a minimum outright or pledged gift of $25,000. Gifts of $1,000,000 comes with naming opportunities. The pledge period can be spread over five years.

Legacy Funds

Legacy Funds are named endowed funds, which generate income for the school’s unrestricted operational use.

Restricted Endowed Program Fund

A restricted endowed gift creates a legacy to support what you value at Oxbridge. Restricted endowed funds can support scholarship and financial aid, programming, department chair and other key positions in perpetuity. Restricted endowed gifts can be established with a minimum outright gift or pledged gift of $100,000 and come with naming opportunities. The pledge period can be spread over five years. Restricted endowed gifts provide financial aid, support for faculty, programs, and facilities. The advancement team works with donors to determine the best direction for the use of their funds, within the scope of the needs of the school and in accordance with the donor’s wishes.

Benefits of Program Funds

Program Funds contribute to a variety of programs and activities at Oxbridge. Their income is restricted to specific uses as defined by agreement between Oxbridge and the donor. Program funds support faculty and staff, curriculum development, and specific areas of study and activity across the campus such as athletics, art, music, sustainability, and technology. 


  • A $2,000,000 restricted endowed gift generates enough to support department chair positions and other key positions at Oxbridge.
  • Endowed Chair positions: Mathematics, English, Science, World Language, Dean of students, Director of Athletics, and Director of College Counseling, and more.
  • Athletics at Oxbridge is an amazing story in itself. In a short time of the school’s founding in 2011, the Thunderwolves have excelled in our sports programs. Each year, student-athletes go on to play at the next level at some top universities, many receiving scholarships for their athletic talents; some have become professionals; while others gained so much confidence by participating. A gift to the athletic program offsets operating costs for athletics.
  • A $500,000 restricted endowed gift generates enough to support one of our athletic teams in baseball, basketball, equestrian, golf, lacrosse, sailing, softball, tennis, volleyball. The pledge period can be spread over five years.

Fund Management

All endowed funds are held in perpetuity and invested as part of Oxbridge’s overall endowment. The book and market values of endowed funds are reported to donors annually, along with a brief description of the use of the funds. In the case of endowed financial aid funds, donors receive thank you correspondence from student beneficiaries. In addition, all named endowed funds are listed in the annual report.