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Oxbridge Parent Organization

The Oxbridge Parent Organization exists to promote a dynamic partnership between parents and the school, fostering communication, school spirit, and family participation within the Oxbridge community.
Oxbridge parents have the unique opportunity to create an engaged and supportive parent community. The OPO has a full calendar of activities, including parent workshops with guest speakers, open meetings, and social events. Additionally, members of the OPO are found volunteering at Oxbridge events and supporting student programs.

For more information about the OPO, contact John Nihoff at


OPO Executive Committee

John Nihoff

President-Elect, Treasurer
Amy Lagae

VP Community Support
Rachael Scher

VP Ambassador & Nominating Committee
Jennifer Johnson

VP Arts & Athletics 
Lisa Gerard

VP Spirit & Socials
Stephen Amato-Heape

VP/Secretary, Spirit & Socials
Michelle Cardwell 

VP Middle School
Christina Martinez

OPO Committee

Pilar Liza-Caprio
Wendy Stein
Jessica Cunningham
Katherine Ward
Allison Beadles
Amy Bahl
Yvette Fucarile
Kesha Blair
Austin Smith
Greg Zegras
Colleen Hyndman 
Christina Jerebek
Christina Resvanian
Jennifer O'Brian
Nicole Basile
Joanne Snodgrass
Janine de Nigris
Jessica Cash
Kelly Caldwell-Sachs
Kate Huey
Anne Timperman
Yessenia Colluro
Giulia Barnacle
Carrie Murray