Campus Updates


We believe in the importance of making meaningful contributions to our school community. A thoughtful contribution can shape the present as well as the future. Building the school community that we have all chosen truly is an investment in and for our kids. Oxbridge continues to exhibit that it is truly a dynamic place of learning. We proudly support The Oxbridge Fund each year because empowering the school to reach its educational vision will ensure continued growth and forward momentum for the teachers, programs, and our children.        ~The McGuire Family '22. 

The Oxbridge Fund helps to meet the immediate needs of Oxbridge students. As with most independent schools, tuition alone does not cover the full cost to educate a student. Every gift to The Oxbridge Fund underwrites the cost for school operations, academic and co-curricular programs, performing arts, athletics, faculty and staff professional development, financial aid, and much more. The Oxbridge Fund empowers excellence. 

During these unprecedented times, we are grateful for your support in keeping our community safe and healthy. In times like these, gifts from those who are capable matter more than ever. If the timing is right for you now, please know that your gift at any amount is deeply appreciated. The Oxbridge Fund provides unrestricted support to our most pressing needs as they emerge, such as enhanced COVID-19 safety measures for re-opening the campus and additional financial aid for students to continue their rich educational journey at Oxbridge. Help us continue to educate future leaders to lead us when the next crisis surfaces. A gift now to The Oxbridge Fund will help support the school’s highest priorities and will ensure that our most important work carries on. The collective participation of alumni, parents, grandparents, faculty, staff, and friends sustains our school and strengthens our community.  

Giving Helps Us Thrive

  • Offering world-class academic programs led by faculty who are experts in their field are able thrive and grow.
  • Continuing excellence through athletics, performing arts, and other co-curricular programs.
  • Providing professional development for Oxbridge faculty and staff, empowering continued excellence.
  • Awarding finanical aid to 40% of our students, making an Oxbridge Academy education affordable to all families. 
  • Helping bridge the gap between tuition and the full cost of an Oxbridge education, where tuition typically covers around 80%.



Giving Drives Our Vision for the Future

  • Creating The Oxbridge Fund as a critical part of the long-term advancement plans of sustainability for future generations of ThunderWolves.
  • Empowering faculty and students to explores new ideas through exceptional learning opportunities and cutting-edge collaboration.
  • Reimagining learning environments with a compelling vision brought to life through educational experiences. 

Giving Is Who We Are

  • Instilling core values and character in our students is a key component of an Oxbridge education.
  • Regarding empathy, collaboration, creativity, innovation, social responsibility, global awareness and moral leadership is central to our culture. 
  • Inspiring a lifelong sense of personal and public purpose.
  • Committing to generosity and kindness are guiding principles for the future of Oxbridge.