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Gift of Stock

Do you have appreciated stock?
If you do, this is your best opportunity to give back to Oxbridge Academy this year. Transferring appreciated stock directly to Oxbridge saves you money and gives more money to the causes you care about. Donating appreciated stock helps you avoid the capital gains tax and allows you to deduct the full amount of your stock on your tax return. This generosity means we are able to achieve more and advance Oxbridge's mission faster. 

A Smarter Way to Give

Donate stock directly to Oxbridge Academy for tax benefits and higher charitable impact. Click on the left button below to begin the process. Once the form is complete, you will automatically be taken to a new webpage with the information you need to have the stock sent to the Oxbridge Academy account at First Republic Investment Management.

If you are not ready to give today but are interested in learning more about the advantages of the gift of stock, click on the right button below. Complete this short form, and a member of the development team will reach out to further discuss. 

Need immediate assistance? Please contact Scott Siegfried, Director of Advancement, at 561.972.9657 or

Why charitable stock gifts may be right for you? 

If you donate appreciated stock directly to Oxbridge, you do not incur capital gains tax. When you give a gift of appreciated stock, it’s both fully tax deductible and more 30% more valuable than if you sold it and donated the after-tax earnings. It’s a no-brainer, win-win way to support Oxbridge. 

Do the math on the donation of appreciated stocks:
*Based on a 23.8% long-term capital gains tax rate, holding stock at least one year, and assuming initial stock value of $15,000.


(after sale of stock)
Donated Stock
Current Value $50,000 $50,000
Capital Gains Tax $8,330 Not applicable ($0)
Final Amount $41,670 $50,000
Amount Charity Receives $41,670 $50,000
Amount You Can Deduct $41,670 $50,000


Please note: Oxbridge Academy cannot give you tax advice and we recommend you speak with your accountant to review your tax situation to determine any tax implications of a stock gift.