Why Donate?

A Giving Community

The rapid growth of Oxbridge is a clear indication that our mission and our approach to education fill an important need in South Florida. From an expansive list of courses to enthusiastic faculty leading small classes; from countless clubs and team sports to a generous financial aid budget, the school is providing a life-changing educational experience to every Oxbridge student.

Our success is not ours alone. It belongs to the founding students and families who took a chance and joined a brand-new school. It belongs to the faculty who bring their passion to every course. It belongs to the parents who give back with investments of time and dollars. It is this support and collaboration that defines the Oxbridge community.  And it is this community that will be responsible for the future growth of Oxbridge Academy.

Close the Gap

Oxbridge tuition does not fully cover the total operating cost of delivering this custom educational experience. It is only through the help of parents, families, and community members that we can ensure the success of the school. What we invest now will be paid forward to the many students who enter our campus doors in years to come.

Annual Fund

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The Annual Fund at Oxbridge Academy provides crucial funding that directly impacts the experience of our students and faculty.  Dollars from the Annual Fund support school programs from financial aid to faculty professional development, academics to athletics, technology to the arts.  

The giving of our parents, alumni, faculty, staff, board members, grandparents, and friends helps bolster the school’s fiscal strength. Your gift to the Annual Fund plays a critical role in Oxbridge Academy’s plan to ensure the school’s sustainability for future generations of young people.  

Giving is who we are at Oxbridge.  Our commitment to generosity and kindness along with personal discovery and initiative are guiding principles of the school.  Join us in Meeting the World Boldly and give to the Annual Fund.  When you choose to participate in the Annual Fund please know you are making a difference in the life of Oxbridge Academy! 

Give to Oxbridge


Oxbridge Academy is grateful for gifts of any size. Individuals who wish to contribute financially can do so online, in person, or by phone at (561) 972-9807. If you would like to discuss your gift, please contact PJ Layng at development@oapb.org.