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Upper School

Welcome to Oxbridge Academy, where learning comes alive! Our vibrant academic programs ignite curiosity, foster collaboration, and encourage dynamic discussions. By empowering our students to participate in their educational journey, we can inspire them to love learning. Our educators are dedicated and passionate, working to teach, guide, and mentor the world's next leaders.

Offering over 230 courses meticulously crafted to meet the academic needs of our students, our goal is to equip students with the essential knowledge needed to prepare them for a rapidly evolving and interconnected world. Our rigorous curriculum helps students adapt, think critically, and take a global perspective beyond traditional boundaries and standards.

We invite you to explore our academic departments and learn more about our accomplished faculty and beautiful campus. Immerse yourself in Oxbridge's vast possibilities, where education begins and dynamic learning thrives. By choosing Oxbridge, you will engage in transformative learning experiences that shape your future.


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Signature Programs

Oxbridge's signature programs include Artificial Intelligence, Aviation, the Cambridge Scholars Program, and The Free Enterprise Institute. The Independent Study and Honors Seminar classes also provide unique opportunities for students to prepare for their academic future







Math & Writing Centers

Our academic centers are designed to help every student succeed. 

College Counseling

Our college counseling department offers a four-year approach to prepare for and navigate the college admissions process successfully. Each student is assigned a college counselor to guide them during their high school career.