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Dean of Students' Office

Jason Glick
Dean of Students

Our job at the Dean’s Office is to ensure that all of our students feel supported by their school, are connected, and are prepared to meet the high expectations we have for them. In doing so, our highest priority is to develop positive relationships with each of our students and espouse proper social deportment, academic integrity, and love for our community. Good character is recognized and celebrated at Oxbridge Academy via a network of teachers and administrators focused on cultivating students of principle and compassion.
Part of what creates the magic at Oxbridge is that our students understand that they have the power to make a difference in the lives of others. Our school is where students make lifelong friendships founded on shared values and meaningful experiences both in and out of school. Students will often hear the Dean’s Office refer to our school as a family because, at OA, we care for one another and help everyone feel welcomed, respected, and valued. We recognize the beauty of our diverse community and create an atmosphere that allows everyone to be their authentic selves.
We remind our students always to be proud to be a ThunderWolf because Oxbridge is a family where we work hard, play hard, and help each other be the absolute best version of ourselves.




Meet the Deans

Kelly Hayek

Associate Dean of Students