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Free Enterprise Institute

Empowering future business leaders

Established in October 2022, Oxbridge Academy's Free Enterprise Institute (FEI) is a learning hub for the next generation of business leaders and entrepreneurs. Offering an environment rich in expertise in entrepreneurship, finance, economics, new product development, and artificial intelligence, FEI provides formal and informal opportunities for students to come together with peers, teachers, and industry experts to learn about capitalism and its influence around the globe.

With a focus on fostering free market innovation through strategic problem-solving, teamwork, entrepreneurship, and ethical decision-making, FEI helps set a foundation for understanding financial markets, how they work, and their impact on the economy. ​Topics explored range from stocks and bonds to futures and options, the increased role of technology in trading and new product development, marketing, business planning, venture finance, and artificial intelligence.

FEI Speaker Series

FEI Curriculum


Robert Frackelton

Economics Teacher & FEI Coordinator

FEI enables teachers to engage students more broadly with capitalism and the free market and supplement their studies in the classroom with activities in the broader financial community. Classes offer students unprecedented opportunities to further their economic studies and entrepreneurial pursuits. In addition to an expert speaker series, FEI continues to expand its scope, adding competitions, creating and managing financial portfolios, and applying for and acquiring internships in the field.