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Social Sciences

Anika Pack
Social Sciences Dept. Chair

Oxbridge Academy's Social Sciences department teaches essential skills, including critical thinking, communication, persuasive argumentation, writing, research, and primary source analysis. These skills are foundational for collegiate-level study and applicable to various career paths. Students will develop an understanding and appreciation of human experiences, expression, and a sense of community and self. Students will also learn how civilizations and relational structures function and how they can participate constructively within a society.

Oxbridge's history offerings provide context to understand why our world is how it is. Government and Economics courses help students understand systems for engaging with the broader community and with organizational structures that influence their choices and responsibilities as members of local, national, and global networks and communities. We focus on developing skills essential to college readiness, professional work, and global citizenship. 

We also offer electives in Entrepreneurship, History, Finance, Economics, and Psychology electives. These electives allow students to deepen the skills taught in our core curriculum and learn specialty skills that will prepare them for further college studies or as working professionals and business owners.